2021 Global expansion. Finished B and C Round Funding

Sign the Dammvn as consultant for global expansion. Acquisition of a 51% share of Shanghai Medo Monitoring.

2020 ALLYCORS in Service. Finished A+ Round Funding

Launch CORS service to ALLYSTAR’s customers who need sub-meter solution

2019 TAU series module in MP. Finished A Round Funding

Series of interchangeable dual-band modules, Chosen as the partner by SAIC to supplier RTK module for its autonomous driving projects

2018 HD8040 GNSS in MP stage

Design-in LENOVO smartphone, the first one which supports dual-band GNSS/BDS-3 signals

2017 1st Multi-Band GNSS to mass market

Leading multi-band GNSS supplier First GNSS supports BDS-3 signals

2016 ALLYSTAR established

Team established in 2013 with team members from Fujitsu & HED,Multi-system GNSS (L1 band)