Company Profile

    Allystar Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Allystar”) was founded on December 6, 2016, headquartered in Shenzhen. Since the establishment, we have always engaged in the design, integration, manufacture, test, sale and related businesses of chip, algorithm, module and terminal product. Allystar has been recognized as National and Shenzhen Hi-Tech Enterprise, and Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center for Beidou Navigation and Positioning. In addition, Allystar has been authorized to establish the Academician Workstation in 2018.

    Focusing on dual-band high precision positioning, Allystar formulated a product strategy applied to high precision applications, which facilitates the breakthrough in a series of technical problems such as broadband RF, configurable baseband, anti-interference, ultra-low power consumption technology, etc. Through the unremitting effort, the R&D team has independently designed and developed the world's first multi-system multi-frequency baseband & RF integrated high-precision SOC chip supporting BDS-3. And Allystar’s chipset is the first professional navigation & positioning chip in China that ranks among the top 10 in the world (ranked 7th in ABI research report for two consecutive years). In the consumer solutions of 2019 GSA (European global navigation satellite systems agency) GNSS market report, Allystar has been listed in the key component and receiver manufactures.


    Allystar has planned a complete chip product line for different needs of industrial applications, and has designed a variety of standard precision, high precision, and INS modules that are compatible with pins of mainstream GNSS modules in the market as various applications required. Allystar's products mainly involve the TAU1103 series modules, TAU1113 series modules, and TAU1114 series modules applied to vehicle management, smart terminals, and UAVs, telematics applications; TAU1201 series modules, TAU1202 series modules, TAU1204 series modules, TAU1205 series modules, TAU2202 series modules, applied to shared bikes, vehicle navigation and monitoring, as well as asset tracking; TAU1302 series modules, TAU1307 series modules, TAU1308 series modules, TAU1312 series modules, for high precision positioning and heading modules for high precision applications, applied to high precision timing applications.