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    Multi-Band Multi-System GNSS Positioning Module

    •  Compact size for high precision industry
    •  Concurrent reception of multi-band multi-system GNSS signals by three RF settings:
          Option A: L1 & L5;
          Option B: L1 & L2;
          Option C: L1 & L6;
    •  State-of-art low power consumption
    •  Support multi-band multi-system high-precision raw data output, easy for 3rd party integration
    •  Highly integrated module, the best cost-effective high precision GNSS solution

    Further Products


    TAU1302 is a high-performance dual-band GNSS positioning module, which is based on the state of art CYNOSURE III architecture.

    TAU1302 integrates efficient power management architecture, while providing high precision, high sensitivity and low power GNSS solutions which make it suitable for navigation applications on automotive and consumer electronics, as well as fleet management.

    Further Products

    TAU1302 Flyer